In Japan the mythologies of other world creatures,


that some how transcend from their world to ours.

they take many forms, many of which are familiar with a strange twist.

you could find a lantern that looks as though it was tossed aside for a large tear, or even perhaps the frog looking man Kappa.

Kappa are known to coax children to the waters edge and pull them into the waters to drown.

Some are kindly old ladies that have huge sharp toothed mouthes ready to devour you when your guard is let down. Cats,  mice, fans, musical instruments.

Everything alive or inanimate  in the Shinto beliefs has a soul and how it is used while cared for is how we see it in its later state.

The idea that all things should be treated as items worth maintaining and retaining, using them with care, be it your kitchen or in natures environments.

The YOKAI also serve as ways to teach young about the dangers of high surf or rivers, the awesome terrible nature of fire, or the dangerous behavior of wandering alone about. i will post links to some sites that can aid in a better discussion about the true histories behind each as i find good sources, so look for updates.

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