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The Latin Masters of Traditional Folk Arts

Translated to Great Teachers.

The Grandes Maesteros exhibit at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

The Latino community should really be proud of the collection brought together in this exhibition of folk arts from throughout the Latin Americas.

From Mexico to the tip of Chile and South America, some of the best artists have been gathered and showcased in this series of galleries that make up the over 900 pieces that decorate the halls and walls in colorful folk arts.

Each work is a treasure that will be viewed with great pride by future generations. The colorful nature of Latin folk arts are evident in the selections in each stage of the show. The type of arts that you see are set into easy to understand¬†stages as some are paper mache, wood, metals, textiles, ceramics, etc…

You enter the first gallery and are watched and hunted by large terra cotta jaguars that have details in their faces that feel as though they are alive with emotions. cautiously watching you as you move past through the gates into the first stage gallery.

I have more image examples in my NICE IS GALLERY version of this post.

First gallery: