I post all that is Star Wars Nice.

The endless amounts of renditions found to represent the characters that engage in this eternal story of Love and redemption from Hate and damnation.

I love how it seems to be everywhere, nail shops, comics, anime, jewelry, clothing, sports gear and shoes, bicycles.. the endless amount of licensing.

We can see the familiar in the obscure, just the color schemes of the droids are enough to invoke our understanding in a product as Star Wars Saga based.

The distinct attitudes and logos of the different factions and hunters.

The ships they fly through the wildness of the Galactic frontier.

From the first set of sheets and wallpaper that i had when the movie first came out, and how proud of it i was to have it, to today where we see a new product hit the shelves seemingly hourly.

We surround ourselves in the comfort of how Americans tell stories based on so many cultures coming together as one idea.

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