it always seems senseless every time we see the images.

i have trouble understanding the drive to destroy things in general.

we throw living things around like there is no consequence to the actions.

just the mental idea that you choose to destroy something is a big challenge.

like a cheap chinese plastic rhino we charish more than the real one.

people care enough to push for understanding and education.

reducing the market to prices to high to make profit on, this is difficult with the wealth of the Chinese.

Chinese influence on the African economy is giving corruption a foot hold that is secured on a slippery slope.

The african governments are rolling in the dough while the chinese build infrastructure for rhino horn and elephant ivory as payment.

the corrupt African officials that are supposed to be protecting these beautiful animals are letting in poachers to kill the animals that they are supposed to protect.

Recently the Kruger National Park (KNP) has arrested four members of the team that are meant to protect these animals directly.

a shame to see the power of money over goodness.

money is the root of all evil. as proven directly by actions like these stated.

the world drops its head in sadness and closes its eyes to matters that are not governed by their laws.

my original idea for this post was to show the actual faces of the men and women who chose to conserve this animal resource.

but i became concerned that i would be giving props to fools that would later embarrass the effort that good people are doing.

so as we move forward i will attach a stamp to those that fail their duty.

i am not rightous about this matter, just annoyed.

Nice Is Brave Naturalists.

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