Nice Is Mooneyes X-Mas

Every year the Mooneyes wheel co. sponsors one of the preeminent Lowbrow Hot Rod and Rat Rod events every year. An event that  includes the best in customized car culture, customized motorcyles, and low brow artists and pin strippers. The car clubs that join from Ventura County down to San Diego. The Beatniks, rock stars, skate stars, car lovers, art lovers, mid-century culture lovers, etc… it is a strange mix of black dressed love. Some of the most talented and interesting people used to show up to not be seen, but to participate in a growing culture for the love of customization. This same car culture also has flowed into a totally connected and thriving free market, hand craft business model. We have Etsy, crafted beers, hand made soaps, real people making real products creating real economy. No more Amazon Walmart Target multi-national Chinese product peddlers.

The cars are the central focus, everything else is the bonus. These images are from the 2005 Mooneyes X-Mas show. enjoy.

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