Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, and Gummo.

These men were the quintessential comedians and stage performers of not only their time but into eternity.

The genius in their timing and the way they delivered their characters to the silver screen was unmatched.

They performed the same scripts on Broadway as well as in the hollywood system. They had the skills of great thespians from the long time gone.

Harpo and his amazing musical gift that was better than a voice.

The gold digging Groucho, his eyes and mind filled with the purses of widows, but the bodies of young starlets. The classic mustache painted thick and black with matching eyebrows that could be 1 of thousands of emotions snap quick wit.

The handsome touch of the crooning Zeppo, his good looks the prince of every story.

Then their was chico, the comeback king. setups by Harpo and the voice of the working class stiff. The way a good guy at the horse track might seem.


Nice Is Marx Brothers


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