Mama Previa has been good to our family.

she worked as a tour vehicle for a very kind and organized Vietnamese family in the Fullerton area.

Mama was purchased directly at the dealership cash on the barrel head.

Drove home to raise her first family and had taken great care of her. regular tune ups, fresh oil, a fat stereo system with multidisc cd player of the Alpine brand. Her amplifier was to power a huge bass bin as she rolled the group around.

To and fro from work in a covered garage to the shelter of  a warm clean warm garage out of the sun. She raised a good family in them. They were a serious couple in the business exchange and warm and open to us as guests in their home.

A very organized home. Her female owner whom had purchased the car was sad to see Mama leave her family.

I took this very serious in the care i gave to the Previa ’95 super charged vehicle. Charcoal grey with dark gray running panels surrounding the lower part of her shuttle shaped body.

The sleek monorail window on the front of the van. long double wiper blades to flash clear any water or debris clean one wipe. All leather  interior clean rugs and carpets throughout. light kid wear, more to come.

With passion we traveled up through and around and down and up and through again all in her comfort and safety shell. San Diego for Shamu and penguins and talking. petting dolphins with smiles. watching fireworks after a day at Sea World on the 4th of July. surprise visits Christmas Eve through the Central California Valley in the fog and the rain and high speeds with faith and a steady wheel and vigilance she saw us through to a safe warm holiday house. Yosemite Valley

Back and forth from work every day over and over. lunchtime drives to see the waves at the beach. holding beach tents and boogie boards, sand toys with sand crabbing buckets. the umbrellas and push cars. the laughing and the singing, yelling discussions and loving conversations about the hope of dreams and wanting to be a self promoted graphic artist media developer fun master.

i love my family and watched it sprout down the road safe in your doors. Thank you Mama Previa.

I always dreamed i could have hooked up Mama to a prime vehicle.

Nice Is Mama Previa.

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