RJB Rocking Jellybean

This is a set of pics from the Chinatown opening of Mad*L art toys 2005.
The show was sponsored by Munkey King in Downtown Chinatown.
The show had too many lowbrow and street artists to be named fully but all were way up on their game at that time.
Rocking Jellybean.
The pieces exhibited were on 20″ blanks customized to the tits.
Every effort made, was on hit that night.
Everyone was sauced and social, looking to impress.
Almost every piece was sold and the after party with the sound system ice cream truck run by Aurelito and Shakespeare jammin’.
Getting our reggae on while inside Munkey King, the minis were being sold by the piles.
Skanking to the rhythm of asian girls bouncing around in their Chinese fashions.
It was a very good night, no pretensions that come with the jaded scene as it exists.
The scene is so full now, but then was a time when Kid Robot was truly a kid still.
And the Munkey King only was the legend in Chinatown.
Art toys save the world.
keep your peeps out for the bhuddy art blank in the near future.
Nice Is Life

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