The night air is warm and the air is still.

The Smell of a warm ocean water port stink and trucking in mass movement.

Tucked back in the alley of an upholstery shop next to a studio loft space.

A kind and artistic couple let us share the rogue setup.

Outside the air filled with sounds and Life.

Music  from friends played in the night and old records turned on the breaks in between the live sets.

Large found cardboard taped and strengthened with packing tape and cardboard beams.

White primer fills the pan and is applied onto the paper surface coating it quickly.

Tilted up on  a a huge dumpster a giant canvas ready for spray painting.

Application of stencils to bring peace to the mind.

Marley, Dali Lama, Ghandi, Buhddie. Nice Is Life.

Colors become mountains, trees, Buhddies, birds, bunnies, etc..

The lines applied quickly with giant sharpie chalk like ink marker.

the result of five hours of fun. enjoy it.


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