then i emerge from the quiet of the park and shrine after touring the grounds witnessing a ritual for the  birth of a one year old’s welcome to the spiritual world of Shinto. The brushing off of demons and ghosts with the whisp of a large paper shredded and bound to a bough of a stable tree all very green and earth. the white robes and anxious children getting bored with the ceremony. the adults including  the extended family of grandparents and aunts and uncles all having bags filled with gifts for the child be blessed by a priest of high caliber. a the while a women stood just outside this event pray in a chant spasm in a volume just under being annoying and interrupting the proceeds going on inside the shrine. she is pictured   in front of a smaller shrine just outside the grand gate going into the grounds, she fervently praying as others stand patiently for over a half hour as she prays for something to happen good or change. you can feel her need to stand there unbothered by the people around her. no of us exist to her, people finally start to make their ways around her and offer their prayers and bow clap and go on their way just as affected by the sight we had just witnessed.

i follow around trying to figure out what i had seen and figure that it is her trail, and my venture was a different path. i let it out of my thoughts with compassion. i eased out of the park and and back on urban roads thrust back into the now time..  i follow the streets to my next destination. i was excited as to what o would find.

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