Airbrushing tshirts at car shows and carnivals.

Amusing the people with his beat beard and top hat.

The tux jacket making him seem like a Baron or a man of substance.

The Substance he was abundant in was Class.

He pinstripped his way around Knotts Berry Farm in Beuna Park.

Doing Custom Signs to Custom Cars… he was an artist and engineer.

His Alter ego and best friend was a giant green rat with a hillbilly hat.

The letters Big and Red on his chest they read RF.

Rat Fink rumored to be Royal Fuck in a.k.a. but a true character through.

Rat Fink was a culmination of years of monster characters riding in rods twisted in torque.

Power and motion tossed in a splash of monster equals a movement of Low Brow art is born.

hot rods choppers lowriders lowboys muscle surf skateboarding the Rat Pack could do it all.

From the mind and hands of genius in a gentle humble giant of a man came fun pokes at Life.

Big Daddy.

what a great talent.

well documented and remembered every year by a list of a permanent legion of fans.

Thank you.  Nice Is Roth


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