well it seems i have reached a marker in the world of having a website of my own.

Nice Is Life is going to hit 25,000 hits in part to my hard work developing and the hours of time i consumed on friends computers and countless irritating favors asked of people to help me get this thing going.

Now it seems to be gaining momentum and not because of me.

But because of you and your internet adventures leading you to this warm bastion of positive vibes.

I have put my arts up here, reference materials, links, travel tips, photography from japan,most mine and some credited to the internet friends i have made through this task.

i want to continue making this site more interactive and interesting as time goes on.

i am setting some new goals for this upcoming push for 2014.

i love you people for having found me, and for stincking it out and checking back to see what shit i am posting up this time.

Deeply from the well of love in my heart i say to you,

Thank you for your support and bookmarking it for the future.


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