Charlie Chaplin was a genius of body and soul. The master of perception and dignity.

A decent Man of Social conscience and caring heart. still British sense in an

American Heart. The Tramp he gave us is the beacon of hope and humor for the little man.

I dream in the motion pictures of the silent era.

The flicker of the faces that have long past away.

They survive through the silver remnants that form light and shadow.

The irregular rythym of the people walking to and fro in a hurried almost ant like speed.

We watch as heroes and heroines are born through the new forms of story telling emerging from the farm fields, now studios of  Hollywood.

The atmosphere ripe for talent to find a voice in the new art form that seems to be replacing the live actors roles.

Then there is the genius to emerge from the london stage sets, Charles Spencer Chaplin.

Creating a new form of comedy that could only translate through this eternal medium.

He is Human. Nice Is Charlie.

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