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I discovered a great source of images and scans of those highly colored and low budge printing.

the smell of powder from the loose bits swimming around in the waxed red paper. surrounding a weeks worth of fun blasting material.

the variety of packs and labels always amazed me.

i figured that there must be a thousand different factories assigned to just producing firecrackers for my friends and i to blow up plastic green toy soldiers.


you betcha cause we all did it. even to the point of lighting palm trees on fire.

the twisted melt of plastic forming all new human mangled forms.

truth in play seems not too far off from reality it seems.

i ejoyed the cap popping and the clack of the cement under the expanding gas and paper.

the energy forcing out and making the dangerous toy like.

the adult feeling of lighting your first one on your own.

traveling the world lighting fireworks by a river in japan.

finding love on a birthday with a special girl.