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If there is one thing to recall about childhood is the old japanese hero shows.

the one i am focusing on today is Ultraman.

I love the iconic suit of red and silver with the left arm set in a 90 degree angle on top the other fisted up right hand.

The team of seven of seven that have been given the task of upholding the Laws of the galaxy and the battle for earth.

The constant battle between the Evil giant Kaiju monsters that try to wreak havoc on the planets major cities.

The mutant monsters are a product of so many different environmental changes. Some with bat ears and huge clawed butterfly wings. they are all so far fetched from reality, yet so familiar in all of their features.

One thing is clear … that the Ultra seven and Ultraman’s spirit are undiminished while saving humanity from the clutches of Evil.

They continue on in the face of their adversaries and the destruction they seem bent on imposing.

So that leads me to this post Nice Is Ultraman!