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Nice Is A Beginning.

Shall we start this adventure? I set forth with with my friends and family towards the greater goal of making the world a more positive place. Together we walk hand in hand towards the future, and we shall do with it as we will. I have been riding this cobble stone road of hate and anger too long. today i have finally jumped off the carriage of despair for a nice walk along the same road at a pace that is more to my liking. I am aiming to reveal all that i can that is ultra positive. be it an action of good or a wonderful art piece or even a group of human individuals trying to change the world however they  can.

Nice Is Life is here to provide an outlet for your love and the glowing potential of unity within your heart. people are so busy trying to think with their heads that they forget the heart is a better decision maker in most cases. So offer you the other person the challenge of showing through this site the wonders of the human character and the world in which we share. So Share the world as Nice as you see it. please. this artistic project is nothing with out me leeching all the good out of you as i can.

I have created a visual thread of media to accompany your loves, and also to give me the outlet i have always wanted. Art that extends past myself and into others. I would love to collaborate and experiment with the ideas of designers , musicians, architects, fine artists, media, pinks, children, so that i have a product in the end that is fully embedded with our time. Be this the end of time or a true second renaissance of mankind. i dream big.

I dream really big, way out of my financial realities. But i figure if  we are gonna have fun, i need to not care what it will cost in dollars, but what it will cost by not trying to get some love out of the world. sounds cheesy? it kind of is a little sentimental and seemingly ridiculous… but who would have thought that one man could convince people to rise up peacefully against the most powerful crown ever. or a simple half black half white kind from the hard ghettos of kingston could teach people to find love in their hearts through music and his found religion? i find it inspiring. peace.

So let us begin today.   “Here we gooooooo…!” -Peter Pan